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Hegre Art Massage

I was trifling through the internet looking for something of interest for my own personal finger games and I came across (pardon the unintentional pun) this particular piece of work. I watched the whole thing, and, if I may be quite personal, came quickly.

I didn’t come quickly because of the material, but because of the idea of the material. Watching the sensuality and time and work that went into it. That’s a woman’s dream. And, if I’m not wrong, probably has a lot to do with women suddenly getting headaches when husbands want sex. We want orgasms, but we want you to take your time. Don’t fuck us and roll over. Even cuddling gets pointless after awhile.

This website seems more voyeuristic, but check it out and if you like, do some more research for you and your partner.

This is about sensual massage for women. If they had a place here in China, I would go do this. It’s not about sex, per se, I find it to be about the release of toxic energy, stress, and a complete clearing of your chakras.

Many years ago, the barbarian American, and no doubt European, doctors of the 19th century believed that a woman’s ailments, which were believed to be many; cause: Being a woman, were cured by orgasmic release. Well, I think they were on to something. 

Now, going to strangers and paying money for sexual release has been done by the weaker sex (sorry, “men”) for thousands of years. I believe that clitoral massage, WHEN DONE PROPERLY, is exactly, pardon another twisted pun, what the doctor ordered.

However, I think that if things are slowing down in the bedroom, or if men really want to please a woman, the way women (hopefully) really want to please their men, then this might be a delectable and exciting not-so-new way.

The website I found is called Like I said, it’s more porn-ish and voyeuristic, but if there’re books out there, let us know and I’ll do some research as well. I do hope you enjoy and I hope married and long term couples can benefit from this.

I’m a very sexual person… I’ve often thought about giving lectures and lessons on fellatio. And I do love when couples connect through their bodies. That is the most wonderful thing two people can do with each other that they don’t do with anyone else.

Please let me know if you try, or find this interesting. And maybe I’ll continue to find things 

Kisses for your nipples.


Here is an actual video so you can see how it works: NSFW

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